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Connecting Locally.  Developing Globally

What is the Rotary Club of Rui Yin?

The Rui Yin Rotary Club is a group of like-minded people who believe in building the future; for Taiwan and for the World.  We are Businesspeople, Professionals, Entrepreneurs and Creatives.  We run our own businesses or help others to run theirs.   We are at the beginning of our careers with a passion to grow, the middle of our careers and still burning with a fire to develop, or experienced Managers with knowledge to share.  We want to learn from each other and share that learning.  And we have a common vision of supporting future development in all its forms; Talent Development, Education, Innovation, New Business Models, and Continuous Improvement.  We believe that small actions help effect change but that you still have to dream big.

We will focus mainly on the professional but build a club that helps us and those we support to learn how to be better people in all aspects of life; business, personal, family, and health.  We will develop a series of activities and programmes that will help us to:
    •   Make Connections with each other and the world
    •   Educate each other and the community
    •   Share opportunities and knowledge between members
    •   Learn about Personal Health to make us better at what we choose to do with our lives

Our programmes will range from Regular Meetings where we can learn and share, Member and Member supported activities to bring us together, Charity and Service programmes in support of our Future Development agenda, and Educational Activities to help us learn how to be better at business and life. 

And as an English-Speaking club with members who have worked and lived all around the world we are in a unique position to connect our club in Taiwan with Rotary around the world. We will be actively seeking relations with Rotary Clubs around the Globe.


Regular Annual Member

This membership is for individuals only

Regular Annual Membership is a one time payment that covers all membership costs and includes two regular monthly meetings for the year.

TWD 39800 / 12 months
Regular Monthly Member

This membership is for individuals only

Regular Monthly members pay an annual fee of only 11,000 to cover the Rotary International Fees and are billed NTD 2400 monthly for the meetings and service activities.

TWD 11000 / 12 months